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The In Tech Sistemi carries out an activity 'in the field of consultancy, design and
supply of complete systems for Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Solutions
From a careful analysis of actual energy consumption of the various utilities,
we are able to propose the best solutions  of Energy Saving
Below is a brief description of our modus operandi. Besides, in several sections you will also find 'our most' recent applications and documentation relating to the products used.
                                                         Thanks for your attention and Good luck!





  • Energy Audits: An accurate mapping of the various energy
         utilities, showing the  "less virtuous " in terms of energy and on which
         focus initially.
  •  Energy Saving Evaluation: Evaluation of operations and most of the      solutions suited for a proper optimization of energy. Predictive simulation of
         behavior of the system in accordance with the new proposed control strategies
  •  Rating * Payback: Comparison shopping for the purchase of the control      system and the actual energy savings achieved. Quantification of the      investment payback that often can 'be less than 4 ... 5 months.     
  •  Supply Control System: interface schemes, start-up system,
         correct parameterization and optimization of the system in order to obtain
         immediately a real quantification of energy savings
  •  Financial Assistance / Tax tto produce the all documentation  necessary to        obtain the tax benefits provided






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